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06 April 2009

Exercise of knee pain

1) Sit on a place, put your legs forward and support yourself with your arms. Put a rolled towel under your knees.Try to push your knees down side. Wait 10 sec then rest 2 sec. you can do this exercise standing pozition or sitting position or lieying position.

2) Lie on your back and lift your leg 15cm from ground .Wait 10 sec. then put your leg down slowly.

3)Sit on a place, put your legs forward and support yourself with your arms.Put a rolled towel under your

knees.Place 1Kg object to your feet.Your knees will be bend aproximatly 30 degree.Try to lift your feet and

lock your knees.

4)Sit on a place, put your legs forward and support yourself with your arms.Put a rolled towel under your

knees.Your knees will be straight. cross your legs.Try to push your leg each other.wait 6 sec the release.

5)Put a pillow under your knees.Bend your knees little and cross your feet.Push your feets each other .Wait 6

sec.Do not let your legs move up side.

6)Let your legs down from bed.Your leg will be bend 90 degree from your knees.Repeat the previous

exercise (5) on thisposition. You can do this exercise with 90 60 30 degree angles.

7) on standing position, put one of your legs widely forward.move your body from hip to forward.bend your

knee and give your weight on it 10 sec. then release. Other leg must be back and stretced.

8)On the soft ground in a standing position, give your weight on your left leg then do the same thing on right

leg..Repeat same exercise while your eyes closed.

9)On the soft gorund. try to stand balanced on your one feet. Do same exercise while your eyes closed

10)Ride condition bicycle.Pedal height mus be set where your knee become straigt.Hardness level must be set

to minimum to medium by the time.Train 5 minutes at minimum level for 2 days.Increse level and time

5minutes.At every increase train it for 3 days at same level.After 30 minutes dont make any increase.Turn

pedal front side and back side.


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