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10 April 2009

Treatment of Ankle Sprain

If the ankle sprain is a 2nd degree sprain, then in addition to the R.I.C.E. principle, a more effective means of immoblising the ankle (splints) may be needed. Anti-inflammatory medication may also be used to help.

If the ankle sprain is a 3rd degree sprain, cast immoblisation is needed for at least 2-3 weeks. Surgery to repair the ruptured ligament is ont often needed.

Physical therapy modalities (such as ultrasound) and manual therapy modalities (such as friction massage) are often used when the acute phase is over.

As soon as treatment is instigated, consideration must be given to adequate rehabilitation:

  • exercises to increase proprioception
  • ankle braces and strapping to facilitate activity
  • muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises
  • gradual return to any sporting activities
  • maintain fitness by doing alternative activities

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