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10 April 2009

What is ankle pain ?

Pain in the ankle , a "hinged" joint. Ankle pain is commonly due to a sprain or tendinitis. The severity of ankle sprains ranges from mild (which can resolve within 24 hours) to severe (which can require surgical repair). Tendinitis of the ankle can be caused by trauma or inflammatory forms of arthritis .

Types of Ankle Sprain :

The sprained ankle is often classified as to how severe it is:

First degree ankle sprain:

  • Some stretching or mild tearing of the ligament.
  • Little or no functional loss - the joint can still function and bear some weight (...but hurts!!!).
  • Mild pain
  • Some swelling
  • Some joint stiffness.

Second degree ankle sprain:

  • Some more severe tearing of the ligaments
  • Moderate instability of the joint
  • Moderate to severe pain - weightbearing is very painful
  • Swelling and stiffness

Third degree ankle sprain:

  • Total rupture of a ligament - there is a loss of motion
  • Gross instability of the joint - joint function is lost
  • Severe pain initially followed by no pain
  • Severe swelling

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