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06 May 2009

How To Guess Your Baby’s Sex When You Pregnant

Everyone loves to guess what their baby’s sex will be. Expectant parents have been doing this for years. There are many old wives’ tales that will likely be shared with you by someone during your pregnancy.

Don’t be surprised if strangers come forward with predictions of your baby’s gender. We would like to share with you some time-tested, widely popular beliefs on how to guess your baby’s sex.

You will have a boy if:

You fail to have morning sickness in the 1st 3 months of your pregnancy, The baby’s heart rate is under 140 beats per minute, You are carrying the baby low with the extra weight in front, You have a taste for meat and cheese, You have a taste for salty food, You experience headaches, You have cold feet, Your leg hair growth multiplies at a fast rate, Your stomach resembles a basketball.

The areolas on your breasts darken considerably, Your urine becomes bright yellow, Your wedding band moves in circles when hung over your belly, You develop dry skin on your hands, You look better now than you ever have before, Your nose widens, You sleep with your pillow facing north or The sum of your age at the time you become pregnant plus the number of the month you conceived equals an even number.

You will have a girl if:

Your morning sickness starts very early in your pregnancy, You are moody and cranky, Your urine becomes dull yellow in color, You can’t stomach the thought of eating the heel of a loaf of bread, Your hair starts turning red, Your right breast is smaller than your left breast, You develop acne or breakouts on your face, Your wedding band moves from side to side when hung over your belly.

Most of your weight is in your back end and hips You carry the baby high, You sleep with your pillow facing south, You can’t seem to get enough orange juice, fruits, or sweets, The baby’s heart rate is in excess of 140 beats per minute, Your belly resembles a watermelon, Your looks start fading, Your breasts grow fast or The sum of your age when you become pregnant plus the number of the month in which you got pregnant is an odd number.

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