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20 May 2009

Meeting of FCRP-BD at Mirpur Centre

A second meeting of Friends of CRP-Bangladesh (FCRP-BD) was held at the Mirpur Center of the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) on 2nd May 2009 to form a structured FCRP-BD body. .
The meeting started with the welcome speech of the founder and coordinator of CRP Valerie A. Taylor. With the aspect of the first meeting in March the Chairman of the Trust for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (TRP) Mr. Saidur Rahman started the discussion regarding a structured form of the FCRP-BD. He mentioned that in the last meeting we started discussing the possible ways that the FCRP-BD members could contribute at CRP. He said 60% contribution come from the individual supporters of CRP. If we could include the corporate donors and supporters, who especially related with the media can do a greater help for CRP. He stressed on professionalism. He advised the Donor Liaison officer of the organization Mr. Abu Zafor to share the list of FCRP-BD members with the other members who were present at that meeting, So that they could work on a small group to form a FCRP-BD body. After one month they will sit again. Mr. Rahman said, so far we could not utilise the government officials; we should think to seek help from them properly.
Mr. Mustaque Ahmed a long standing supporter of CRP said, FCRP-BD should sit together within very short time to form a body. They may even sit once in every two or three months. He mentioned that in Savar centre, we charge a minimum fee from the patients for treatment according to their financial condition. A patient is catagorised according to his/her economic status and received the subsidise treatment. He suggested to provid absolutely free treatment for all the patients.
Another FCRP-BD member Mr. Aziz U Ahamed, a formerly of UNHCR(Geneva) said, 425 registered members are enough to make CRP a billion dollars project. He stressed that FCRP-BD should be the fundraising force of CRP. He suggested enlisting the potential persons who can contribute at CRP but not yet listed.
The meeting decided to sit again in a large gathering after working out with the FCRP-BD member-list within very short time to form a structured body for FCRP-BD.
FCRP-BD members Mr. Asgar Hosain, Dr. Mohammad A. Jabbar along with Mrs. A. Jabbar and some senior staff from Savar and Mirpur were present at the meeting and participated the discussion.

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