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07 May 2009

Tips for Beautiful Hair

  1. Proper washing keeps hair shiny and healthy. Most shampoo companies will recommend that you lather and rinse the hair twice. This is not really necessary. Unless your hair has a lot of dirt or sand in it, you only need to lather with shampoo one time. Wet the hair thoroughly before shampooing so that the shampoo will spread more readily on the hair. Wetting the hair before shampooing also saves on the amount of shampoo needed.
  2. Massage your scalp. While shampooing your hair, treat yourself to a scalp massage. Spread your fingers over your scalp and give the scalp a two minute massage. Massage stimulates the scalp and increases blood flow. The hair is nourished by the increased blood flow to the scalp.
  3. Rinse thoroughly. For shiny, glossy hair rinse completely and then rinse again. Hair that is not completely rinsed has a dull film on it. A tablespoon of vinegar in the rinse water gets the residue out of the hair and helps it shine.
  4. Condition. After washing and rinsing the hair, put conditioner on, starting on the ends. Concentrate the conditioner on the ends, as the older hair on the ends is older and more damaged. Rinse the conditioner out thoroughly before drying.
  5. Drying Hair. The hot air blowing from the blow dryer is damaging to the air. When possible, let the hair dry naturally. When necessary to style with the blow dryer, use a cool setting so that it is not as damaging on the hair.
  6. Brush Hair. If there are tangles in the hair, start at the bottom and get the tangles out gently. A natural bristle brush works best to distribute the hair oils and stimulates the scalp. For curls use a small round barrel brush. Straight hair benefits most from a broad paddle brush, to give it a sleek look. For very curly hair, a pick or wide toothed comb separates the curls and gives definition. It is important not to brush hair when it is wet, as it stretches and breaks when it is wet and at it's weakest.
  7. Trim as needed. Keep the ends fresh with regular trims. Trims are the best way to get rid of damaged, split ends.
  8. Style and Curling Hair. Hair care styling products can damage the hair with the high heat. The newer curling and straightening irons are ceramic coated and less damaging to the hair. Use a styling balm or leave in conditioner to coat the ends of the hair and protect them from heat damage. Any products that coats the hair such as hair spray, will protect the hair from heat damage.
  9. Diet Tips for healthy hair. Just like the rest of your body, hair needs proper nourishment to be at it's healthiest. Proper diet will benefit your body, skin, brain and hair. Hair is a protein and especially needs protein rich foods. High protein foods include fish, chicken,, lean meat, eggs and soy products. Fatty acids are also important for hair health. Good sources of fatty acids include nuts, especially walnuts and almonds. Fish and flaxseed oil are also great sources of fatty acids. B Vitamins, particularly B6 and B12 are important to the health of the hair. B Vitamins are found in whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables.
  10. Vitamins. Vitamin supplements for the hair include B Vitamins and minerals, as well as other vitamins. A good multiple vitamin may give just the boost you need to supplement a good diet.

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