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18 May 2009

Picture of physiotherapy in Bangladesh

Physiotherapy course in Bangladesh was first started at the National Orthopedic Hospital (NITOR) under the affiliation of the University of Dhaka in 1973.From then it follows a path of rise and fall. Within last 15 years, realizing the prospect, some private universities have also launched the subject though have lack of facilities.
Introducing a subject does not mean the establishment of the respective profession.
BSc physios don’t get job at public hospitals cause there is no post for them. We repeatedly told the govt to create physio posts at the govt funded hospitals. But the authority did not show any interest regarding this, mysteriously {may be the doctors who think we would reduce their income, influenced the government .Doctors here have strong association which is politically biased}.
After graduation we begin our career. Actually, private health sector is doing a great job by proving jobs for physios.
I believe, continuing professional development by gaining knowledge, conducting research, is essential if we want to see our profession in a respectable position. But there is no opportunity for further education in Bangladesh. We are insisting our govt to start MSc course at public universities. Apart from these efforts, support from international level is also crucial.
In short, we need 3 things: job, council, further education. We all know what the problems are. Now we need motivated action to solve the problems.

So Bangladeshi physios, put your responses here……………

Moshiur Rahman (a physio from Bangladesh)
Cell: 0189 48 43 46

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